Performance for PLATO Jazz at Oakwood Village on April 28, 2015

Middleton Jazz was grateful for the opportunity to play in Oakwood Village’s lovely auditorium for Oakwood residents, the PLATO Jazz class, and members of the public. We played a variety of traditional jazz pieces to illustrate the early development of jazz. The audience was terrific and we all had a great time. Attached is a short video of Muskrat Ramble from that performance.

Make Music Madison on June 21, 2014

On Saturday, June 21, we played in the Old Sugar Distillery, 931 East Main Street, as part of the Make Music Madison celebration.  The music was hot, like the weather, and the audience was enthusiastic!  In the video capture below band members are, left-to-right, Nancy Boyle (trumpet),  Bruce Severson (piano), Al Hough (guitar), Ken Niemeyer (trumpet), Dick Murray (trumpet), Dick Trexel (clarinet), Nicky Sund (drums, behind Dick), Carol Livingston (tenor sax), Jim Willet (bass, behind Carol), Les Hoffman (tenor, alto sax), Bill Scott (banjo), Mike Clipson (trombone), and Carroll Sigler (guitar, behind Mike).

Farewell, Charlie!

Charlie Walter is following his heart to California.  We are very happy for him, but we will miss his friendship, humor, and fine musicianship!IMG_2426

We were delighted to see Patricia Stone at our June 20th rehearsal, and we managed to get a photo of the whole band!


After the rehearsal, Susan and Les Hoffman hosted a noon party for the group and Les treated us to a preview of two songs that he later performed for Make Music Madison on the 21st.